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                YINGJING TOURISM

                • Ancient Tea-Horse Road
                • Stele in Zunjian Pavilion in Memory of Prefecture Chief He Jun
                • Jiang's Courtyard
                • Longcanggou Diecui Brook AAAA Tourist Attraction
                • Longcanggou Natiaonal Forest Park
                • Niubei Mountain
                • Yunfeng Mountain AAAA Tourist Attraction
                • China Black Sand City
                Ancient Tea-Horse Road

                Xintian Post Station is an important node on the national famous Ancient Tea-Horse Road which starts from Ya'an and ends at Xintian Post Station in Yingjing County via Guanhua Township in a one-day itinerary. There are hundreds of cottages roofed with grey-green tile and yards and streets remaining as before. As time flies by, the Post Station is no longer a commercial hub, and the splendid past only lives in the memory of the elders and remaining tens of traditional inn and shops.

                Stele in Zunjian Pavilion in Memory of Prefecture Chief He Jun

                The Stele, a Grade One National Cultural Heritage, was found in March 2004 in Fengjia Village of Lieshi Township and inscribed in the 2nd year of the Zhongyuan Period of Emperor Guangwu in the Eastern Han Dynasty (57 A.D.). There are 52 characters with calligraphic style reflecting the transformation from seal character to clerical script. It is the earliest existing cliff stele inscribed in the Eastern Han Dynasty strongly corroborating the view that Yingjing County used to be a pivotal pass on the South Silk Road.

                Jiang's Courtyard

                Jiang's Courtyard is one of the luxury folk houses of the Ming and Qing Dynasties preserved in good condition in Yingjing County. The Courtyard features column-and-tie wooden structure with architecture culture connotation and artistic values reflected by the doors, windows, roof ridges, column piers, taidun piers and shuadun piers. The symbol of the exquisite engraving, delicate shape and profound connotation reflect the wealth of national capitalist, the pursuance of the owner and the brilliant cultural connotation of Confucianism including loyalty, filial piety, courtesy, righteousness, luck, prosperity, longevity and happiness.

                Longcanggou Diecui Brook AAAA Tourist Attraction

                Longcanggou Diecui Brook AAAA Tourist Attraction is located in Yingjing County, Ya'an and was rated as National Forest Park in 2000, with tens of thousands of mu of dove tree that is reputed as the giant panda of plant kingdom. The Park was developed in 2014 and the existing "Diecui Brook Park" covers an area of about 157ha, mainly composed of a 7-km long eco-brook tour route with shuttle sightseeing bus provided. There are Renshen Valley, Longcang Valley, and Macao River forming various scenery of streams, cascades, deep ponds and waterfalls. The most famous one of them is Tianshengqiao Waterfall (also called Natural Bridge Waterfall). In winter, the snow decorates the Park into a world of ice and snow in fairy tales with ice cascades, ice ponds and frost flowers forming scenery of their own.

                Longcanggou Natiaonal Forest Park

                Longcanggou National Forest Park is an eco-park located in Longcanggou Township, 30km southeast of Yingjing County, famous for its forest plant diversity and ecological waterscape. There are countless streams and waterfalls hidden in the dense forest which features blossoming flowers in spring, pleasantly cool climate in summer, red autumnal leaves in autumn and snow-covered landscape in winter. The Park boasts the world largest "dove tree" forest.

                In April and May, the Park presents the most wonderful scenery with hills covered with blossoming wild flowers in a blaze of bright colors. In Gongtong Valley (also called Dove Tree Valley), the vast stretches of dove trees, Class A plant reputed as "living fossil" in plant kingdom under national protection, are demonstrating their exuberant vitality with inflorescence resembling bird head and white bract resembling wing of flying pigeon, echoing to the incessant twitter and presenting a spectacular view.

                Niubei Mountain

                Niubei Mountain, located in Piao'er Valley, Niubeishan Town, Yingjing County, is the top platform of Yeniu Mountain, the highest mountain in Yingjing County with an altitude of 3,666m. Niubei Mountain gains the name for a protruding giant stone on the cliff resembling an ox head and the elongated ridge resembling the back of ox. In the 9th Issue of National Geographic published in 2009, Niubei Mountain is described as: the vast sea of clouds stretches from east to north and west over magnificent peaks of Niba Mountain, Wawu Mountain, Mt. Emei, Jiajin Mountain, Siguniang Mountain, Erlang Mountain and Gongga Snow Mountain and Dadu River Canyon, and all of a sudden, all the grand mountains in the Land of Abundance become exquisite bonsai with numerous hills below the sea of clouds descending to Chengdu Plain with billowing wheat fields". It is reputed as the "largest panoramic sightseeing platform of China" and enjoys a high reputation among the outdoor enthusiasts like hikers and climbers and photographers.

                Yunfeng Mountain AAAA Tourist Attraction

                Yunfeng Mountain AAAA Tourist Attraction is centered at Yunfeng Temple. It is located at 4km southwest to Yingjing County with an area of over 80mu. According to legend, when Nyuwa brought back five stones from Taihu Lake to patch up the azure sky, she accidentally dropped a stone to the temple and the dropped stone was called as "stone flying from Taihu Lake", hence the name "Taihu Lake". The magnificent ancient temple is surrounded by quiet and beautiful scenery. Standing in the temple, the tourists may found themselves relieved from worries and integrated into the boundless and ever-changing nature. The temple is famous for "three peculiar and three unique". The three peculiar are: ancient Phoebe zhennan, holy water and stone from Taihu Lake; and the three unique are: pagoda, air tunnel and stele shaking upon pushing the pavilion. The temple is surrounded by rare tress including Phoebe zhennan and gingko. The majority of the trees are Phoebe zhennan with thick trunks towering into the clouds. The thickest trunk requires six people to be encircled, reputed as "the King of Phoebe Zhennan". The rare plant community of Phoebe zhennan in the Southwest China has glorified the ancient temple. In 2010, the plant community was identified as woods of Phoebe zhennan after the visit and research of the Files of National Treasures.

                China Black Sand City

                China Black Sand City consists of Black Sand Industry Park and Intangible Cultural Heritage Town with a planned area of about 16km2 (planned core area of about 4km2) and an estimated total investment of RMB 4 billion. The projects of 108 Black Sand Art Village and Black Sand City Project Packaging are completed and the Black Sand Culture Industry Technology Institute and Master Studio are established. The requisition of 435 houses for shanty town renovation of Gucheng Village was completed by the end of March 2019, and the Gucheng Countryside and Silk Road-Sand City Innovation Complex are under construction. After completion, to establish the brand of "China Black Sand", Yingjing County will integrate the tourism resources including Sand Product Street, Food Street, Qixingyuan Hotel and Zhuan Xu Museum and construct a national AAAA tourist attraction centered on "South Silk Road ? Black Sand City" industrial complex.