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                Yingjing County is located in western Sichuan Basin and middle Ya'an. The County covers an area of 1,781km2, with 5 towns, 14 townships and a total population of 153,000 under its jurisdiction. Yingjing, called Yandao in ancient times, is a provincial historical and cultural city in Sichuan, the place of origin of Yingjing Sand Product, a national intangible cultural heritage, an important post station on the ancient South Silk Road and Ancient Tea-Horse Road, a county entitled to ethnic preferential treatment, an old revolutionary base, a pilot county of the program "enlarging authority for strengthening counties", a county constructing ecological barrier in the upper reaches of Yangtze River and a demonstration county of provincial organic product certification. more>>


                Niubei Mountain

                China Black Sand City

                Longcanggou Diecui Brook AAAA Tourist Attraction

                Ancient Tea-Horse Road

                Yunfeng Mountain AAAA Tourist Attraction